..Ramen, boba, and good company.

After a long week of midterms and papers (yes, engineers write papers!) it’s always fun to meet up with friends, especially ones you haven’t seen in a while. One of the things my friends and I like to do is get ramen, and one of our favorite places to go is Shin-Sen-Gumi, a pretty popular spot for a lot of USC students.

1/2 Hakata ramen with a flavored egg & cloud ear mushrooms

Ramen is something I didn’t have until getting to school  at USC, but it’s no joke here. People wait in 2-3 hour lines for their favorite places, and it’s always worth it – you just make a night out of it. And, if you go to our favorite spot in Little Tokyo, you can cross the street and get boba while you wait. Luckily, we decided to go at 5, so we skipped a long wait. Other places that people love to go to are Daikokuya (also in Little Tokyo) and Silverlake Ramen (where we almost decided to go! It’s been on my to-g0 list for almost a year now).

And so, we ended up hanging out there while we waited for our name to get called for seating at the ramen place. There are a few pretty good boba places around USC’s campus, but this is one of my absolute favorite places to go to – growing up in the Bay Area, milk tea is a whole culture…kind of an obsession. I’m not exempt from that. It’s almost like a little reminder of home, especially after post-spring-break boba withdrawals.

Fridys like this are the best – really chill nights, getting caught up on each others’ lives.

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