(Yes, I really did use that pun)

As spring semester approaches and 2017 begins, I’m really excited to see what I’ve got in store. This semester, I’ll be taking EE 354 – Introduction to Digital Circuits, CSCI 270 – Introduction to Algorithms and the Theory of Computing, a GE on Broadway, Aural Culture, and Weight Training. I’m excited for another semester that’s full of classes that cover a lot of breadth, this semester in and outside my major. Being away from school for about a month has definitely made me miss my home at SC a lot, from the people that I’ve met, the constant challenge, and to the community.


My freshman dorm!


As a freshman last year, I lived in Birnkrant Residential College, and I met some of the coolest people I know on my floor to a lot (including two Viterbi Student Ambassadors, Clare and Rhea) and I was able to form a tight group of friends within my floor, and that gave me a really good sense of community. Through organizations, such as Spark SC, and even through spending long days in SAL, I’ve also found a community within computer science students at USC. Through joining Theta Tau, our school’s only coed engineering fraternity, I’ve also found a niche.


Spark SC at our retreat last semester


Engineering at USC is definitely a challenge, one that will keep you motivated to learn and stay on top of your work. I love that people that I meet in my classes are just as excited as I am to learn about computer science and computer engineering, and are driven, A lot of people know exactly what work they want to be  doing in the future, but there are plenty of people that haven’t figured that out, but are seriously passionate about the work that they’re doing in their classes, and they’re open to learning more about the field they’re in. I love being surrounded by people that think that way and are willing to learn and willing to take the time to help others learn.

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