Meet Christina

Electrical Engineering
Class of 2015
Roseville, CA

Hi there!  I’m Christina, a senior studying Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Signal Processing.  Within Viterbi, I’m currently Chair of the KIUEL (Klein Institute of Undergraduate Engineering Life) Programming Committee, a Freshman Academy Coach, and work in the ACT (Automatic Coordination of Teams) Lab through the Merit Research Program.  Outside of engineering, I am a member of the USC Chamber Ballet Company and the Co-Founder/Co-Director of USC danSCollaborative.  I was recently hired as a performer for the nighttime show Fantasmic! at Disneyland (a childhood dream of mine!), and have accepted a full-time engineering position at Boeing designing communication systems for satellites.  In my free time, I love going out for Asian food (especially boba and ramen) with my roommates and spending time with friends at Disneyland.

The summer after my junior year of high school, I attend an engineering summer program at MIT where we took classes in electrical engineering, computer science, and discrete math.  Since I enjoyed the EE class the most, I knew from then on I wanted to be an electrical engineer.  In addition to trying it and liking it, I chose EE because of how broad it is.  With an EE degree you can work on computer hardware, communication systems, integrated circuits, or power transmission systems, depending on your emphasis.  It was even tough for me to select an emphasis because they all sounded so interesting to me!
In one sentence, I chose USC because of the engineering students I met.  I was really attracted to the fact that all the Viterbi students I talked to had interests outside of engineering.  At other schools I visited, engineering students were very involved within engineering, but not so much outside of it.  As someone with a career interest in technology but also a passion for dance, it was very important for me to be at a school that would allow me to pursue both.
I’m currently Chair of the KIUEL Programming Committee, the umbrella group for all Viterbi student organizations.  Additionally, I am a Freshman Academy Coach, a position in which I mentor a class of freshmen engineering students.  I am also a research assistant in the ACT Lab, a robotics lab where I’m studying mixed reality (total interaction between a real environment and a virtual environment).  Finally, I am a member of IEEE and the Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu Honor Societies.  Outside of engineering, I am a member of the USC Chamber Ballet Company and am the Co-Founder/Co-Director of danSCollaborative, a group which unites all USC dance and performing organizations in a joint showcase during the fall.
After graduating in May, I will be working as a new hire at Boeing, where I will design communication systems for satellites.  Since I plan on returning to USC in the fall to get my Masters’ Degree in EE through the Progressive Degree Program, I plan on switching to a part-time work schedule during the year.  I will switch back to a full-time work schedule upon graduation with my MS in May 2016.  I hope to continue dancing on the side through my performing position at Disneyland for as long as I’m able, and eventually move to a more technical position as an Imagineer.


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