Who will teach my classes?

Meet Dr. Armani, a professor who teaches a MASC 350: Nanostructured Materials. Her research interests include biological and chemical sensors and microfluidics, development of novel surface chemistries, optical device design and characterization, and synthesis of optical materials!

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  1. I am really interested in Petroleum Engineering for my undergrad program. But I didn’t see any information in the website. Please you explain more about Petroleum Engineering Program. Thank you so much

    1. Hannah

      Hi! You can find out more about Petroleum Engineering for undergrads at: http://chems.usc.edu/academics/undergraduate-programs/p-minor.htm where it falls as an emphasis under Chemical or Mechanical Engineering. I’m actually also really interested in pursuing a career in petroleum too and you can check out my experience with it on the site here: http://viterbivoices.usc.edu/hannah/summer-recap-chevron-internship/. USC has helped me prepare through both classes and student organizations. Some of the petroleum classes offered cover topics including Formation Evaluation, Reservoir Engineering and Drilling. The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), a professional student org also provides a variety of opportunities to learn more about the field and meet other petroleum engineers!

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