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Listen to Professor Spedding discuss his new themes for the department (biodynamical systems, energy engineering, and exploration technologies), his favorite planes, and how if you love Star Wars you might as well sign up for aerospace engineering right away

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Meet Dr. Spedding, a professor who teaches introduction to aerospace engineering! Professor Spedding does research in the wind tunnel lab, analyzing air flow over and drag over wings.

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  1. I have been admitted at USC for Mech Engg & waitlisted at UCLA. I already know the advantages of USC over UCLA in terms of faculty access and course-flexibiliy. Does UCLA instead have ANY advantage over USC only in academics/ placements (aid, sports etc not relevant), if I get mech engg at UCLA also. Also, what if I instead get Undeclared at UCLA, then too is there any impt advantage of UCLA over USC? I wud like a general course in engg such as Mech or Elec & want to avoid Chem engg & any specialised fields such as “Engg & Society” or Biomed etc at Undergrad stage. Thanks a lot. I have nearly made up my mind wrt USC but wish to have all inputs in before enrollment D-day just in case there’s some impt pt I missed.

    1. Hi Rohan. Sorry for the late reply! When you’re admitted to Viterbi you’re admitted to every major, Mech-E and EE and Chem-E etc. With that said you will only have to take the classes required in the Mech E major. SO, looking at the course plan you would have, the only chem related class in all of Mechanical Engineering is either Chem 105a or Materials Science 110. Both are lab classes, but you shouldn’t stress about them – they’re pretty laxed, although I would recommend MASC 110. One of my favorite things about USC is the huge amounts of design and hands-on experience you can get in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. I can’t say what it looks like at UCLA because, frankly, I don’t know. You can ask the same question to UCLA and see what they tell you! Best of luck with the decision!

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