The process of adding a minor in another academic school

  1. Look through the USC catalogue of majors and minors to determine which minor interests you: It may be easier to look through a specific school’s catalogue of minors if you know the general field you want to minor in.
  2. Depending on the school, there may or may not be an application. The business school had a short application that could be filled out in less than 5 minutes. After applying all you have to do is wait to get in.

What happens once you get accepted into the program

  1. Once I was accepted into my minor program of technology commercialization, similar to entrepreneurship, the process was very simple. I met with an academic advisor from the business school, to discuss what classes I needed to take and where they would fit in my schedule. This information is also available online in the course catalogue.
  2. With that done, I was able to sign up for my first entrepreneurship course: technology entrepreneurship.

The classes

  1. Obviously, this varies greatly from school to school, but for me the classes I’ve taken ended up fulfilling all my preconceptions. I learned about entrepreneurship concepts as they apply to technology.
  2. My first class, tech entrepreneurship, taught the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. I learned basic accounting, customer discovery, product pitching, and much more. The class was essentially a crash course into business.
  3. The second class I took was feasibility analysis. This class was more focused on financials and determining the feasibility of a business. My team worked on making a desk attachment to maximize table size in small desk spaces. Some important feasibility factors were determining: if this was a common problem across dorm and apartment rooms, if the revenue-cost provided sufficient profit margins, and if the market size was large enough to allow for growth.
  4. I’ve enjoyed both classes I’ve taken so far and feel it’s diversified my ability to work as an engineer. I tend to look at a lot more factors when working on a project than just the engineering side of the problem. Being able to explore another passion of mine besides engineering has made my time at USC more academically well-rounded and fun!
Steven Louis

Steven Louis

MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2022 HOMETOWN: Coto de Caza, California PRONOUNS: he/him/his INSTA: @steven_louis13 At USC, I’m the President of 3D4E (3D Printing club) and part of the USC Surf Team. I’ve also worked in both automation and product design through summer internships. I love designing and working on at-home projects.