Society is not lying when we deem dogs as a man’s best friend. When my older brother shipped out to school, I wrote countless speeches and made presentations to my parents on why we needed a dog. After an unrelentless effort, I finally succeeded. On February 1, 2015, I met my best friend, Midas Dexter Douglass. The whole story that you don’t choose the dog, the dog chooses you is entirely true. Midas was a pup in a litter of 12, and obviously the best. I picked up every doggo there, and Midas was the only one to wag his tail emphatically and lick my face. At that time, I knew it was destiny for him to come home with us.

The origin of his name stems from two separate things. The first and most prominent reason that we named him Midas was because when my brother and I had Nintendo DS’s we had the game Nintendogs. We had problems naming our first dogs, and our dad suggested that we name him Midas. The second reason is that Midas is a Greek god and whatever he touches turns to gold. Since he was a golden retriever, we found this fitting. Little did we know that as he grew up, he would turn our lives to gold too.

Throughout my years that I was still at home, I could always rely on him to be there for me. Whether it be during my college application process, through breakups, or when I would come back home at 3 in the morning, he was always ready to play, be my pillow to nap on, or just sit on the back porch and take in everything that was going on. Without him, my last couple years of high school would have been completely different.

The hardest part about leaving for school was leaving him behind. He had no clue that when we dropped him off at doggy daycare on our way to the airport that things were never going to be the same. I cried many tears and, if I am being honest, still shed a few tears every now and then when I think about him. You could imagine what writing this is doing to me right now. I have a very large poster in my dorm room that is simply a portrait of my man back home. Enjoy the photos of my dog and if you have a furry friend back home, I am sure you understand my pain.

If you want more pictures, follow my Instagram, or ask me! I am always overjoyed to share the cuteness of my dog.

Steven Douglass

Steven Douglass

MAJOR: Aerospace Engineering YEAR: Class of 2021 HOMETOWN: Bentonville, Arkansas PRONOUNS: he/him/his INSTA: @steven_douglass22 On campus I have conducted biomimetic research in the Dryden Wind Tunnel since freshman year. Outside of Viterbi, I am involved in Greek Life and play on the USC Club Baseball Team.