Longest Spring Break Ever, Pt. 2: Quarantine Activities

This one will be short and sweet because of the nature of allowable activities during quarantine.

My three main activities of quarantine were walking my dog, playing Call of Duty, and learning how to golf.

Walking my dog, Midas

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that my favorite being on this planet is my golden retriever, Midas. He is 5 years old and my absolute rock. The adventures were countless during quarantine because we had so many places to explore far away from people. Check out the photos below to check out the scenery (including one not so friendly, venomous, copperhead snake).


Call of Duty

For better or worse, I grew a slight addiction to video games during quarantine, specifically, Call of Duty Warzone. I never play video games, but this was easy to play with my family and friends across the country to help stay in touch and talk to each other to humanize staying inside. I logged about 14 days total on the game and tallied over 100 wins (which is way harder than it sounds). The addiction has dwindled, but the late night memories and laughs are there to stay.


Like many others, I took up golf during quarantine. What a painful, yet enjoyable, experience that was. This was probably my favorite hobby that I developed. When I started, I did not even fit on the scorecard and was shooting around 120. For those who do not know, that is about 50 over par. I cannot describe how awful that is. Imagine being outscored in football 100 to 0. That is how it felt. Through many trials and tribulations, after 7 weeks of practice, I consistently started shooting below 90 which is only 20 ish over par. That transformation happened with great dedication and cost me about 200 golf balls. But, it all turned out to be worth it. I even came within one foot of a hole in one once (see photo). I am ready for the PGA.

Steven Douglass

Steven Douglass

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