This year was the first year USC had a fall break, and, oh my, was it ever needed. It can be very difficult to start school in August and go until Thanksgiving. With an added break in the middle of October (Thursday and Friday off), I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Some went camping, some went to Malibu, some went to San Diego, I went to Cleveland to visit my brother.

I had just turned 21 the week before and knew that I wanted to celebrate as soon as I could with my brother, and get a breath of the crisp, cold air that Cleveland had to offer. I only had class until 10 on that Wednesday, so I packed my bags fresh off of an all nighter working on labs, went to class, and immediately called my uber to the airport. I arrived sleep deprived but so over the top exciting at 9 pm, and the weekend began. 

Our Thursday got off to a weird start. The day prior to my arrival, my brother’s tire popped, so we started by going to a tire shop to get it fixed. It took them over four and a half hours, and we started to lose our mind knowing that if they would just give us a tire we could have it done in fifteen minutes tops. Anyways, we suffered through that part of our day together by working on homework, shopping at game stores, and walking around. That night consisted of endless birthday celebrations and mariokart galore.

The rest of the weekend was amazing: rock climbing, more mariokart, a game called cuphead, eating a lot of food (Swenson’s burgers are the best burgers), and just hanging out. 

Fall break was an absolute game changer and provided a very well needed break and opportunity to relax and enjoy being with my brother.

Steven Douglass

Steven Douglass

MAJOR: Aerospace Engineering YEAR: Class of 2021 HOMETOWN: Bentonville, Arkansas PRONOUNS: he/him/his INSTA: @steven_douglass22 On campus I have conducted biomimetic research in the Dryden Wind Tunnel since freshman year. Outside of Viterbi, I am involved in Greek Life and play on the USC Club Baseball Team.