I can’t believe this is my last week of undergrad classes. SCenior Year! I still have finals to look forward to, but on the other side of those finals, I’ve got an awesome summer to actually look forward to!

Commencement is May 17, then on May 19 I’ll be heading to South Korea with the iPodia Class to finish up our group projects on global innovation and attend the USC Global Conference in my second summer study abroad experience as a Viterbi Engineer.

I fly back from South Korea on June 1, stop by and grab dinner with my parents in Wisconsin, then leave for Dallas on June 2 to start my internship with Abbott Diagnostics on June 3!

Abbott makes a wide range of products, and I can't wait to experience working for them!

Abbott makes a wide range of products, and I can’t wait to experience working for them!

I’m super excited for this internship – lots of Viterbi engineers work for Abbott, but I don’t know of many people who have had the chance to wrok in this division before, so it should be interesting! I’ve also never been to Dallas, so I’m excited to explore the city.

This is honestly my first look at the Dallas skyline, and I'm excited

This is honestly my first look at the Dallas skyline, and I’m excited

After 11 weeks of interning, I’ll be heading back to Wisconsin for a few days, then coming right back to USC to finish up my Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering through the Progressive Degree Program. In addition to working on my masters, I’ll be staying involved with Viterbi next year as the Student Affairs Intern, where I’ll be working with programs like Freshmen Academy and KIUEL/Eweek as well as some other really exciting new initiatives, so if you’re going to be a new freshman in the fall, welcome to the Trojan family and I can’t wait to see you around!



I'm I'm a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering (Electrical) at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, with a minor in Video Game Design & Management. ----- I am from Hartland, WI, which is a nice little town that is a lot different from Los Angeles! ----- Follow me on Twitter: @IAmWolfman ----- I am the chair of mentoring programs for the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering (viterbistudents.usc.edu/asbme/), and I am the president of Colleges Against Cancer (trojancac.org), which is the club that plans USC's Relay For Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. That basically sums up how I spend most of my free time, haha. Other than that, I love to play video games (which counts as productivity now that I have the minor!) and I am specifically fond of Dance Dance Revolution and I always have a standing open dance battle with anyone, anytime. Fun and nerdy, that's my style.