As you may have noticed from my tweets, Viterbi is currently in the throes of Eweek: a fun, annual part of Viterbi life. Before I continue, I have to give credit to the EWeek planning committee for taking all of the pictures I’m about to use! You can check them out in the Eweek facebook page too! You can (and should) even follow them on Twitter: @EweekUSC

I have taken on the (made up) position of EWEEK BATTLEMASTER for the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering (ASBME)! This year it’s a no holds barred competition between all the many Viterbi student orgs to see who can have the most participants throughout the week and win the Most Spirited Viterbi Org award at the Viterbi Ball! Through relentless in-club promotion and emailing, I’ve managed to convince a TON people to participate in events for us throughout the week, and we are bringing it HARD to this competition! (I wont say how many because a few other VSAs are playing for different teams) It’s still early, but at this point I’d say the smart money is on ASBME vs. Society of Women Engineers (SWE), who are actually basically the planning committee and are running the majority of the events (so huge kudos to them!)

So far only two events have gone down, so you should prepare for a 3 PART EPIC BLOG which will wrap up February 1st with an in depth report on the Viterbi Ball!

1. February 15 – Center For Engineering Diversity’s Bright Ideas Competition

Description: Teams of 3 were allowed to choose a research paper published by a Viterbi faculty member, then given less than an hour to read, understand, create a powerpoint and PRESENT to real, industry judges. It was intense! It was also super fun though, and it was amazing to see people from all different grade levels and majors show up and compete! Emily and Leah were also there, so VSAs were well-represented. Unfortunately, we were all on different teams.

Emily's team prepares for their presentation

Can't see me, but I'm just to the left of the frame. I'm wearing my game face.


Only the most astute observers will recognize the VSA in this photo (hint: it's LEAH!)

2. February 16 – Intel Quiz Bowl

Description: Basically a Jeopardy style series of trivia questions with about 10 teams and a lot of random engineering/USC related questions. Probably my saddest moment of the night was when the question “what was the first message sent in morse code” came up and I couldn’t remember it, even though I had JUST read it this morning in this web comic that I read every day… seriously what are the chances of that?!

Anyway, WE STILL WON! Go team 8! We got $75 in iTunes gift cards and a sweet internet TV donated by Intel (thanks Intel!). We’ll be using them as motivation in future ASBME events!

The teams settling in. ASBME is right there in front!

There is ALWAYS food at events like this! This time it was delicious greek food!


There are still tons of events left, including a dodge ball tournament, volunteering with middle schoolers, Cisco feud, and Viterbi Ball, so be sure to check back next week!




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