As promised, I have returned to blog about the fantastic annual event that is EWeek! Read Part 1 here!

Despite being halfway done- Eweek round 2 started with a Kickoff carnival sponsored by Cisco!

Free In N Out for everyone!

There were bounce houses! Look at how much fun Natalie is having!

Leah and Ryan had fun too!

Not as much as Leah and Ryan though!

There was even a petting zoo!!!

Kristin, Ryan, and Claire obviously liked the photo booth as well!

In addition to all that fun, the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering (ASBME) also participated in and WON the Cisco Feud – a family feud style competition with awesome prizes!


The next event of Eweek round 2 was the Viterbi Talent Show and Date Auction. It’s a super fun night where everyone enjoys Ground Zero milkshakes and watches engineers show off their awesome non-engineering talents!

SWE opened the night with an awesome a capella mashup!

Spontaneous duets!

You may have noticed that Emily is in both of those pictures – because she’s VERY talented! Other talents included student bands and poetry readings!
The next day, there was a DODGEBALL tournament, which will tragically live on as the only EWeek event I couldn’t attend because of class

Finally, Friday morning was Discover Engineering – the annual capstone to EWeek where we bring in local middle and high school students for a fun day of interactive engineering activities and career panels! Dozens of Viterbi students volunteered during the day, and it was a BLAST! Some of the activities were catapults and mousetrap cars.

About a quarter of the local high schoolers who were here for the day!

OF COURSE no blog about EWeek would be complete without mentioning the Viterbi Ball!

A ticket to the most awesome engineering social event anywhere, ever

All the engineers get dressed up nice, then we meet up and take a bus to a secret location! It’s a super fun dance – engineers are awesome! Seriously – I have no idea anymore why there are any stereotypes to the contrary!

I personally went with a ton of people that I went to Rome with for Viterbi Summer Overseas!


Overall, EWeek 2012 was AMAZING! As far as the competition for participation/most spirited Viterbi Student Org – the hotly contested battle between ASBME and SWE (Society of Women Engineers) was ultimately won by SWE, by 4 tiny points. It was sooo close! Honestly, at the end of the day, the ladies of SWE did a lot of great work actually planning the events, so I’m proud of them for winning! Next year, ASBME is going to help a lot more, and we will be BRINGING it, in terms of the competition.

Anybody else want to get in on this challenge with your Viterbi orgs?



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