Everyone and their mom is gonna blog about Viterbi Ball because it was amazing (and I totally won king with my awesome Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering co-president Sara as queen, and ASBME won the most spirited Viterbi Org award). Thank you to Lauren for planning such a great week with the Klein Institute for Undergraduate Engineering Life. I encourage you to read my double feature blog about last year’s Eweek (part 1, part 2). Instead of blogging about VBall, I’m going to focus on another amazing part of the week: Viterbi’s Got Talent.

Enjoy that preview and prepare for your mind to be blown by awesome dancing, because ASBME BROUGHT IT in the talent show this year! We’re not a dance team. None of our members have dance experience. Yet we got together for over 20 hours of total practice over the course of a few weeks to nail this routine, and I couldn’t be prouder of my eboard for the results.

Of course there were other great acts! My friends’ band performed:

The first place winner played an amazing piece on the piano:

The Society of women engineers did another great a capella number (notice Emily?)

And one girl wrote and performed her own songs:



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