Biomedical Engineering is a unique field in how amazingly different it is to everybody. I feel like it indisputably has the greatest variety of career options and possible educational extensions (medical school, a masters in mechanical, electrical, or industrial and systems engineering, Ph. D, and a lot more).

I’ll give you my experiences here. If you want a second opinion – check out Gordy, Claire, and Soumya‘s upcoming or recent blogs about their view on Biomedical Engineering. After graduation, I plan to get my masters in either BME or industrial and systems engineering, then get a job in the biomedical industry (which doesn’t narrow much down, since it’s a HUGE industry). Check out my post about the job hunt!

One of the many career events I attended in order to get all these possibilities lined up!

I am a Biomedical (Electrical) Engineer – which basically means I take all the classes of the biomedical engineers and most of the freshman-junior year classes of electrical engineers. In exchange, I get to drop a semester or Organic Chemistry, so it’s a double win! I’ve taken classes from biomedical computer simulations, biomedical imaging, and biostatistics to digital logic, computer architecture, and programming.
So far I have really enjoyed my classes and I love how diverse they are. Each new class I take opens my eyes to new opportunities in BME!

This is the AWESOME bme advisor who helps us navigate all these classes

Right now I am pursuing both internships and research for the summer. I am excited to interview with three different companies next week – two biomedical companies and a consulting firm – and I’ve applied to do research with the NIH, research on specific applications of biomedical engineering in space, and research with a Viterbi partner institution in Beijing. As you can see, I have a lot of options on the table, so I’m super excited to start choosing.

If you scroll through my page, you’ll see tons of posts about the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering, the BME student club on campus (social, professional, academic activities).

ASBME after one of our awesome events you can read about in another post!

PS: I know I promised to write about the second half of Eweek today, but I figured I should probably post about my major this week and then come back to tell you about Eweek and Viterbi ball at the same time next Thursday!



I'm I'm a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering (Electrical) at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, with a minor in Video Game Design & Management. ----- I am from Hartland, WI, which is a nice little town that is a lot different from Los Angeles! ----- Follow me on Twitter: @IAmWolfman ----- I am the chair of mentoring programs for the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering (, and I am the president of Colleges Against Cancer (, which is the club that plans USC's Relay For Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. That basically sums up how I spend most of my free time, haha. Other than that, I love to play video games (which counts as productivity now that I have the minor!) and I am specifically fond of Dance Dance Revolution and I always have a standing open dance battle with anyone, anytime. Fun and nerdy, that's my style.