I’m kind of obsessed with the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering. That’s probably for the best, since I’m one of the co-presidents, but I’d probably be pretty enthusiastic about the organization either way since we’re kind of awesome (which I’ve written about before 😀 – for a fun game, search “Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering” in this site’s search feature and see basically every blog I’ve ever written).

To give you an idea why I love it so much, I’m just gonna brag a little bit about what we’ve done already just this semester (3rd week of classes just ended).

1/23 Welcome Back Social – For our first event, we invited new and old members to join us for free ice cream with delicious topics and play some fun new games. Fluxx was a favorite


1/26 Eboard Retreat – We started off at the LA Regional Food bank, then trained our new board members, had literally the best potluck lunch ever (tacos, short ribs, fried chicken, teriyaki chicken, lasagna, garlic bread, a fruit platter, 4 kinds of chip dip, pie, cheesecake and MORE!), and finally several hours of practice for our Eweek talent show performance. Can’t spoil too much, but a dance battle will be going down!

1/30 BME Career Fair Preparation – One of the best ways to impress a company you want to work for is to do some background research and go into the conversation knowing what they do and why you want to work for them. Because there are so many companies that hire BME, we decided to do a service to our members and get their research started for them! We presented on every company coming to viterbi career events in the next few weeks, and it was one of our most popular events ever!

The BME 201 Class – Last semester we had an awesome meeting with the chair of the BME department which resulted in a fantastic new class that they’ve already implemented this semester! The class covers a wide variety of topics in biomedical engineering, from an introduction to all three emphases available here (electrical, biochemical, mechanical + you can make your own), to panels with industry reps talking about what they want in a recent BME grad and alumni giving advice on getting into med school and way more. It’s basically an “everything you ever wanted to know about BME” class to help students direct their future studies in the BME program. I recently served on a student panel and gave advice about how freshmen/sophomores can make the most of the career fair and get internships, and it was really cool to see how engaged everyone was!

Stay tuned for next week when I blog about our BIG event for the spring: the annual ASBME Corporate Dinner, featuring reps from 15 different BME companies!



I'm I'm a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering (Electrical) at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, with a minor in Video Game Design & Management. ----- I am from Hartland, WI, which is a nice little town that is a lot different from Los Angeles! ----- Follow me on Twitter: @IAmWolfman ----- I am the chair of mentoring programs for the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering (viterbistudents.usc.edu/asbme/), and I am the president of Colleges Against Cancer (trojancac.org), which is the club that plans USC's Relay For Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. That basically sums up how I spend most of my free time, haha. Other than that, I love to play video games (which counts as productivity now that I have the minor!) and I am specifically fond of Dance Dance Revolution and I always have a standing open dance battle with anyone, anytime. Fun and nerdy, that's my style.