I’ve been away from my parents for too long, homesickness started to consume me and so I called my parents down for the weekend! Ever since I left for USC after senior year, I have not been back home for more than a week. During winter break of Freshman year, I went to India directly from LA, alone to visit my uncle/grandparents and then directly returned to LA. I stayed at USC all summer and immediately started Sophomore year. It has been a long draw for me since I moved to USC  a year ago, and I have felt like seeing my family for a very long time. My parents drove down from Northern California this weekend and brought me a ton of groceries, food and even a bike!

I have to say this weekend has been the best weekend of my sophomore year. As much as I thought I would not miss my parents, their absence for such a long time really has had a great impact on me. While coming out of senior year, I was very excited to leave home, explore a new city, and make new friends. However, I now realize how much they made me happy and took care of me. If you are reading this and you are a senior, make your last year at home with your parents worth it!

To expand on my weekend, my family and I ate at Denny’s for breakfast today morning. I took them to Santa Monica and 3rd street promenade where we saw many street performers and the beautiful sunset.

I also ate at this restaurant called Thai Dishes, they had the most AMAZING food, especially their Red Curry!

Then we drove to USC after enjoying 3rd street. I took them to a parking structure on USC campus and showed them a view of LA and skyline. Then we took USC’s free shuttle to LA LIVE so we could hit up Starbucks and just look at the lights and tall buildings of downtown. Coincidentally, Train was having a live concert in the middle of LA Live! We stayed till the end and my brother and I enjoyed their performance of “Hey Soul Sister” !

They just dropped me “home,” my USC home at least. They are heading back to Nor-Cal tomorrow while I study for my 3 upcoming midterms! I’ve had one of the most fulfilling weekends of the year. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving break to head back ( only 5 weeks away! ) .