I hope you guys have been having a good weekend so far! It is pouring here in LA, but I kind of like the change of pace. It is nice to see the fall fashion about us, boots, scarves, and cardigans. Sunshine is too ample in LA especially because I have lived in Nor Cal all my life and am used to the perfect mix.

Moving on, this week I realized HOW MUCH JUNK FOOD I eat, so I started to get thinking about my typical week’s diet. It is crazy how much I eat. I am going to tell you what my go-to foods are here as a busy college student, how I manage cooking and where all the eateries on and off campus are.


I moved into my apartment this year for the first time. Last year, I had a meal plan and food was always a couple steps away from me. Cooking is a new to do and pretty hard to manage. But, over the summer I learned many recipes from my mom! And because I lived at USC during the summer, I had all the time in the world to practice my skills. The following are my most home-prepared foods.

Tomato Curry:

Tomato Curry that I made with Rice

Home made pasta!

Omelette with onions, bell peppers, spinach, mushrooms!

2) Go to eateries on campus

a) Panda Express!! Since I am vegetarian, I always get the chow mein with the eggplant curry!

b) Wahoo’s = Awesome Vegeterian burritos!

c)  Coffee Bean – Go there all the time for coffee!!!

d) Ronald Tutor Hall Cafe- This is a cafe owned by USC! It sells coffee and lots of snacks as well as meals. A go to for all the engineers!! This building – RTH- also has great study sessions, the engineering advising office, and your Freshman academy class!

e) Cafe 84- a cafe on campus filled with Baja Fresh, Jamba, etc. Definitely check it out here:

3) Off campus eateries

a) TACO BELL- across the street from campus, affordable!

b) SUBWAY- a go to place for cookies and kind of healthy food!

c) MANAS –  Indian restaurant- i go there when I miss my Indian food.

Yup! That is usually my typical eating resources every week. There are a lot more fancy restaurants that I have been to, but this is my typical go to food places! I miss the meal plan very much so but it is nice to have a huge variety to select from now! Signing off till next week, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. I think I am actually going to go to Subway for some cookies 🙂