The Spring 2012 semester has already hit the ground running and is in full speed. I am looking forward to this semester and I know I am in it for one of the craziest semesters of college. First off, CLASSES, good, challenging and interesting classes: 1) CHEM 322a (Organic Chemistry), 2) BISC 220 (Cell Biology), 3) MATH 245 (Differential Equations), 4) BME 210 (Biomedical Computer Simulation Methods. All of my classes this year are actually interesting to the core, and I am looking forward to learning a lot this semester.

Moreover, I have a crazy workload otherwise. Here are a couple things I am doing this semester:

1) Southern California Indo Americans: Culture Show 2012. I am organizing this huge show (expected attendance: 800) that is taking place April 8th, 2012 in Bovard Auditorium. It consists of 8 dances which are choreographed and performed by students.  The show also consists of a skit component and MCs. Organizing all this requires applying for funding, gathering the money through corporate sponsors, ordering gifts for our participants, costumes for dancers, selling tickets, designing fliers and promotion material, marketing, working with tech for lighting and sound, and inviting parents. I might even participate in a dance or two myself! The whole experience will be stressful and fun at the same time, I cant wait! The past couple weeks, we have been trying to gather sign ups for those interested in participating. So far, we have over 100 participants so this is going to get huge and crazy very soon.

2) Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering: This semester will be an eventful one for ASBME as many of the senior officers are leaving :(.  I am looking forward to working with them in our upcoming Corporate Dinner. We will be giving our members an opportunity to network with the 20 BME companies that will be present at the dinner. Other than this event, we have many fun events, like Beach Cleanup, Broomballing, etc.

3) Alpha Epsilon Delta: Just last week, I pledged AED, the premedical honor society! I will find out actually tomorrow if I am part of their Spring 2012 Pledge Class. This would seriously define my semester. I am looking forward to being a part of this community especially since most of my friends who I went to Honduras with are joining with me!

4) Research : I am taking on my own research project this semester! I hopefully can get out some data and results to successfully write an abstract or a paper. This is going to be a challenge but it will be interesting!

5) Abbott : In march, I am looking forward to finding out more about my Abbott internship for the summer. I will be finding out where the location of my internship is as well as what exactly my project will be!

I know this semester will prove to be awesome. Until next week, have an awesome weekend!