Being a first semester sophomore in Biomedical Engineering,  I am still covering the general sciences-Physics, Biology, Chemistry– and finishing up my Calculus series. All throughout high school, I absolutely enjoyed Chemistry and especially Biology, that I never thought to take a Physics class.. EVER! Of course, I was setting myself up for a bad position because now I am in the position of starting my physics adventure at a college level. This semester, I am taking both Biology (BISC120) and Physics-Electricity and Magnetism (PHYS152). Due to my previous exposure and attachment to Biology all throughout high school, it was the one course that I was awaiting eagerly to start! I was anxious about starting Physics, especially because I don’t even know the most basic thing about Electricity. My inclination to Biology and Chemistry, and my negative disposition towards Physics had started to make me wonder whether I was suited better off as a Biology rather than a Biomedical Engineering (which is largely Physics based) student.

Surprisingly and well in some ways, fortunately, I have found a passion for Physics within my first 4 weeks into the class. I actually get a thrill and enjoyment at accomplishing and completing the seemingly nonsensical problem sets every week.. Ironically, the challenges and confusion of Physics itself gives me the drive and thrill to enjoy the class. Surprisingly, Physics has become my most favorite, yet hardest class of the semester. Biology topics still very much appeal to me, but there is no challenge and abstract logical deductions to follow. Rather it has become more of a read, understand and remember kind of subject, which still presents interesting ideas whether it be about Evolution or Genetics, yet does not make me feel the kind of anxiousness and eagerness that Physics does. It is an interesting turn, but I am glad it is so, because the one thing Biomedical Engineering students need is versatility — the ability to adapt to different type of topics. I have realized the breadth of BME–it constantly varies with each set of classes and continuously requires me to exercise a different thought process.