This summer I’ll be working for Aera Energy in Bakersfield, CA! Aera Energy is an upstream oil and gas producer, which means it finds oil fields, plans how to effectively produce from the field, drill the wells, and the sells the crude oil and natural gas to other companies. It was last semester in October that I was offered the internship, and I am so excited summer is finally here.

There are lots of things about this internship that excite me. First of all, the project that I will be working on looks challenging and interesting. I will be working on the Diatomite Thermal Recovery Team; basically, “diatomite” is a specific type of rock, and “thermal recovery” means using steam to heat up the oil underground. I’ll be looking at the effects of steam on production rates.

Diatomite Rock An oil and gas reservoir underground I’m also excited because of all the fun activities we get to do as interns. Aera has a really great program to help all the interns get to know each other since we are coming from all over the country. For example, every Wednesday night there are dinners or activities for all the interns. They also plan some day trips for us on the weekends; I heard that a couple years ago some interns even went deep sea fishing! My start date is just a week after my last final exam, so I have a quick turnaround from moving out of my dorm to moving into my apartment in Bakersfield. Nevertheless, Aera sounds like a wonderful company and I can’t wait to take advantage of all the opportunities it has to offer.

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