One of the things that helps me study, especially during finals weeks when I have to study for hours at a time, is switching up my study spots so that I’m always in beautiful place. Here are a few of my favorite places.

Mudd Hall

Gotta love arches

Philosophy library is a great place for thinking

Mudd Hall is home to some classrooms, a big hall downstairs, the philosophy library upstairs, and a cool bell tower. The big hall downstairs often hosts a salsa dancing night put on by the salsa dancing club. It’s a lot of fun, and pretty good exercise! The Hoose Philosophy Library, located on the second floor, is a great place to study. It usually isn’t super crowded and it’s nice to hide away in the book alcoves. My only complaint is that the chairs can be squeaky, so don’t move too often. Mudd Hall is on the very south side of campus, near the Expo Line stop on Exposition.

New Annenberg Building

I’m at New Annenberg a lot, especially for group studying with other chemical engineering majors like Maria. Annenberg has a lot of open space, so it’s really easy to meet up for studying and find a table. The building generally has a quiet chatter of background noise, which can be a nice break from the stone cold silence of libraries. Also, there’s just a fun style to the building: it has bright colors, lots of glass, and weird angles. Probably the best part of New Annenberg, however, is the cafe downstairs. In addition to yummy coffee, the cafe has a killer cheese panini with olives and tomatoes and spinach. New Annenberg can be found right in the heart of campus, next the bookstore and kitty-corner from Cromwell Field.

Engineering Quad

This is the very same laptop from now

This is the very same laptop I’m writing from now

The Engineering Quad, affectionately known as E-Quad, is one of the best outdoor study spots on campus. Unfortunately, a lot of people know that, and you typically have to wait to snag a spot if you come during peak hours (10am-2pm). Once you do get a spot, it’s relaxing to hear the fountain run and enjoy the people-watching. You can cool off in the shade or warm up in the sun. As someone from out of state, it was (and still kind of is) crazy to me that you can study outside at almost any time of the year.


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