Like many USC students, football gamedays are a highlight of my fall semester. On Saturdays when there is a football game, the whole campus will come alive. I’m not the most avid football fan myself; usually I have to ask how were ranked that day or if there’s any news about the players and whatnot. But as much as gamedays celebrate our football team, it’s really about having fun with the Trojan Family.

The whole campus becomes filled with people. Every square inch of of grass is filled up with tents and grills. All the students are there, as well as family, alumni and faculty. It is a great chance to connect with lots of different people, and, of course, get free food! Most people are pretty generous with their hamburgers and hot dogs. Everyone has games going and music playing.

During Welcome Week your freshman year, one really fun thing you get to do is visit the Coliseum when its empty. The cheerleaders teach you all the cheers and songs, and you get to take your class picture! It was really neat to see the empty Coliseum during the week and then see it filled the next weekend.

On a typical gameday, I like to play the fight song as I eat breakfast (no I’m not kidding in the slightest, got to get pumped), then head over to a friend’s place to snag some beads and tattoos, then head to campus enjoy the tailgating. I usually head over to the Coliseum about an hour before the game starts; that’s when the marching band comes down Trousdale and leads the crowds to the Coliseum.

Gamedays are always a blast. I definitely miss them during the spring. It’s such a fun time. It’s a time to make memories with friends. It’s certainly one of the reasons I chose to come to USC.

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