Although summer was absolutely amazing, I’m super excited to get back into the swing of things for school. When I last posted, I was just ending my internship at Aera Energy and about to drive back to my hometown in Denver for a couple weeks. Unfortunately my trusty ‘99 Jeep Grand Cherokee had some mechanical issues and I got stuck for a couple days, but I was able head back across the desert to beautiful Colorado.

After a couple relaxing weeks at home, I flew back to LA to get ready for another exciting semester at SC. This semester I’ll be taking two chemical engineering courses, engineering physics, technology entrepreneurship, and a Category II General Education class. My two chemical engineering classes are both important, fundamental classes. One of classes is thermodynamics, which provides the basis for all energy calculations and is a huge part of chemical engineering. The second ChemE class is learning how to program MATLAB, a high level programming language that solves really complicated math problems. I’m excited for this course because it’s going to be extremely useful for solving problems, no matter what engineering job I take. In addition, learning one programming language makes it easier to learn many others.

My General Education class looks interesting as well: Mesoamerican Cosmovision and Culture. Remember learning about the Maya, Aztec, and Inca when you were younger? It’s like that except super intense. My professor is an archaeologist that goes down to the Guatemalan jungle every summer to dig, which is really neat because he has a lot of first hand experience.

Aside from classes, I’m excited to get back into all my clubs. Judo practice started last week; we had a bunch of new members and I’m very excited to help teach them. Unfortunately Women’s Ice Hockey with Kelly and Ellen doesn’t start until next Thursday, the 17th, so I have to go another two weeks before getting to play with my teammates. Society of Women Engineers’ first general meeting is this week, and I have my first meeting with my research professor Dr. Ersaghi in the petroleum engineering department.

I miss my hockey practice

I miss my hockey practice

Although I’ve been back at school for two weeks, I truly felt that I was back when SC had our first Game Day against Arkansas State this past Saturday. Game Days are some of the best days of the whole year. I love seeing Trojans fill up every square inch of campus to celebrate our amazing school. I can’t wait until we play Stanford at home in two weeks.

An amazing Game Day my SC Outfitters friends

Amazing Game Day with my SC Outfitters friends

It all adds up to another phenomenal fall semester at SC! Fight on!

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