Yesterday was my last day studying abroad in Rome with the Viterbi Overseas Program. The program has flown by far too fast but I’ve had an incredible past 7 weeks experiencing new cultures, making amazing friends, taking classes for my major and eating excessive amounts of pizza.  

This has been a summer of so many wonderful memories, and here are just a handful of my favorites:

1. Boat tour in Capri

For the second weekend of the trip, the Viterbi Overseas Program took all of us to the Amalfi Coast. This entire weekend was incredible, but my favorite part would have to be the boat tour off the island of Capri. Eight of us rented a small boat that took us to go swimming in a bunch of the coastal sea caves. Because sunlight enters the caves and reflects off the bright blue water, the caves are completely illuminated with blue light. It was absolutely magical!

2. Trevi Fountain at night

Although I didn’t meet my Paulo here (thx Lizzie Mcguire for those unrealistic expectations), the Trevi fountain is still probably my all time favorite monument in Rome. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty popular opinion so during the daytime it’s always incredibly crowded. Once the sun sets though, it clears up enough for a proper photo op. Plus, the nighttime lights are absolutely gorgeous.

3. Literally every time I have eaten gelato

I definitely ate way more gelato in the past 7 weeks than any person reasonably should, but no regrets!!! Check out Vanessa’s post for an incredibly accurate list of the best gelato spots in Rome. 

4. Sunset in Florence

Somehow everyone ended up in the same hilltop square when we were on a weekend trip in Florence. Having everyone together watching such a gorgeous sunset was amazing!

5. Bar L’Orologio every morning

Every morning on the walk to class we would stop in the same little family run cafe, Bar L’Orologio, for breakfast and coffee. After the first couple weeks I perfected my Italian order (Posso avere un cornetto con marmellata e un caffe?) and we all got to know the family. The routine made me almost feel like a local!


6. Weekend in Munich

For one of the free weekends, some of my apartment mates and I decided to go to Munich, Germany. The city was so green and beautiful, I absolutely fell in love! It also rained one of the days which was a wonderful break from the heat of Rome.

7. The Sunday Antique Market

Every Sunday morning all the streets surrounding my apartment became the site of Rome’s largest and most popular antique market. Vendors sold everything from fancy pottery to furniture to vintage polaroid cameras. Even if I didn’t buy anything I loved walking through the streets and looking at all the cool stuff for sale.

8. Picnicking on the Aventine Hill

On the last day of class, everyone met at the top of Aventine Hill for a picnic dinner. There was great food, wonderful people, and a beautiful sunset – all my favorite things!

9. Arriving as strangers and leaving with BFFs

Although that may be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written, it’s true. Because we’re all different grade levels and majors, most of us didn’t know each other before the trip, but over the course of the program we became so close. After 7 weeks of sharing so many experiences and memories together, it would have been impossible not to.

Finally not a memory yet but…

10. Sharing all my favorite things about Rome with my family

Now that the program’s over, my parents and twin sister are here in Rome and we’re going to travel around Italy together for the next two weeks. I’m so excited to take them to my favorite spots, explain the stories behind my favorite buildings, and show them the city that has been my home for the past 7 weeks!


Check out my insta (@sapplebomb) for more pictures from the trip and look out for a podcast coming out soon about our study abroad experience!


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