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Why USC? You might be a senior choosing colleges or a junior starting to check out colleges or just curious to see what the hype is all about at USC.

The reason I learned about USC was through my sister. I have always followed my sister around ever since high school as I copied her extracurricular activities and strived to be like her. When she chose to come to USC, I knew deep down that I would eventually end up at USC. However, after going to visit her on campus and seeing the school on game days and Viterbi events I quickly realized that this school was special. From the generosity of her peers and the passion I saw at the football games, USC was my number one choice. In the image below it is obvious that my sister was meant to be a Trojan, while I tried my best to emulate her.


The moment I knew I was going to go to USC was during my Junior Year Summer during high school. When I was touring around USC, my parents pushed me to go to Ronald Tutor Hall to ask the admission staff for a pamphlet. I nervously entered the office and asked the front desk as they responded that the assistant director of undergraduate admission was free to speak with students at the moment. I spent an hour talking with Mr. O'Pray about engineering, my interests, and why USC is the place for me. This was the first time in the application process where I felt like my voice was being heard as a student/person/engineer rather than just an application. After that meeting I knew that USC was the place for me as I kept Mr. O'Pray's business card in my wallet for good luck.

Remember how I said that I knew that I would "eventually end up at USC". That process took a little longer than expected as I was rejected after my senior year. My experiences with the admission staff, the campus, and the Trojan I knew my sister as pushed me to apply as a transfer student my sophomore year. Ever since that moment, I have not looked back as USC has been a home to me. I am constantly amazed and inspired by my friends passions, intellect, and generosity. I can never thank USC enough for these past three years, but I hope to continue coming back to USC (especially Viterbi) as an Alumni after I graduate. And as always, Fight On!

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Shuntaro is a junior studying Chemical Engineering. Lover of nature and Game of Thrones. Click above to find out more.

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