I still remember the day I got into USC, May 21st 2016. As a transfer I was still at school so I received the news through a phone call from my Mom. I was joining a transfer class of 1,475 people coming from all over the map!

Just like each transfer I came in with the same concerns. How would I make friends with people if they already have their established friend groups? Is it too late for me to join into student organizations? Does USC even care about their transfer students?

I hope through this transfer blog I will be able to alleviate some stress of transfers and first year students alike!

People have established friend groups. This does not mean that you can’t be friends with them! One thing I have realized from transferring to USC is that you meet new people about every day at USC. You can meet people from classes, lunch breaks, and many other places.

This has honestly been my favorite part about USC. I believe the greatest way to make friends is through joining student organizations as similar interests leads to conversations to friendships!

As a transfer time is of essence! With only 3 or 2 more years at USC you need to make the most out of your time. What I have realized from my first year at USC is that student organizations love transfers. You guys have such an interesting perspective on the student body that isn’t always accessed. So if you’re interested in a club do not hesitate! The student organizations have accepted me with open arms and I have not regretted a second being in a club!

USC puts in great effort to helping transfers in their transition to USC. Viterbi also puts in an amazing amount of work to help transfers believe they are welcome at USC. From the beginning of the year Viterbi Luau to the Transfer Mentorship Program, I personally felt a part of the Trojan Family from the moment I stepped on campus. Another part that transfers often overlook is this “Trojan Family” concept.

Once you commit to be a Trojan you join a family of alumni and current students as your label as transfer student dissolves and you become part of something that is so special and dear to me!

I hope you join the Trojan Family one day and realize that transferring is one of the best decisions you can make!