Welcome to the Trojan Family!!

You have no idea how excited I am to be going to the same school as you all! But you must be even more excited to start some of the best years of your life! I am currently solo traveling in Barcelona and it reminded me of exactly what I felt when I first got into college.

Tip 1: Meet Everyone!
The best part of college is meeting people. Try to meet someone new every day. The first couple of days are pretty hectic with everyone introducing themselves and trying to remember names. Who knows who could be your bestfriend for the rest of your life so keep a positive attitude about meeting everyone! Also don´t be that guy or girl that is always on their phone! This is a once in a lifetime experience for your first days at school so make the most out of every experience and say yes to hanging out with new people. It is crazy some of my best friends of college, I did not meet until second semester through different clubs and organizations so keep getting involved!

Tip 2: Work your hardest!
One valuable tip I got from my mom before I came to college is to work to your best capibilities so you will never question in the future if you could have done something better. This goes with every aspect of USC from academics to extra-curriculars. I have realized the people around me have also pushed me to strive to be the best person, engineer, and Trojan that I can be.

Tip 3: It is okay not to be okay!
One of the most important things I have learned throughout my college experience is that even though USC is the best school in the world, you are going to feel homesick sometimes or something won´t work out the way you imagined. However, that is totally okay. It will become the greatest learning experiences for you to go through this first experience of living away from home and experiencing something new. One day you will just be walking around school and realize this is your new home and you are part of a huge network of students, alumni, and faculty that believe in you and care about your well being. That is what makes this school so important to me!

Honestly if you have any questions I would love to take you to my favorite lunch spot at Lil Galen for their legendary chicken tenders! (This is completely serious) Final Note: USC chose you all for a reason! They saw something within you and I do not think they were wrong when they hand picked every single one of you guys. You are capable of so much and I am so excited to see you on campus and see what you all accomplish in the upcoming years!