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My friends from high school went to different schools which makes visiting them such a fun experience. My junior year I was able to visit my friend Alex in Boston and I have had countless trips up to SLO to visit these friends! Every school and city offers such an interesting experience from eating at local restaurants or adventuring out into the surrounding places!

The long weekend was started by me driving up to SLO accompanied by a friend from UCLA. We make sure to stop at Blenders in the Grass, one of the best smoothie shops in the world! I would recommend getting the Strawberry Colada if you ever go! Then we got to SLO and played some poker and went out into the city. The next day was filled with off roading to a highpoint in SLO and then eating at a local deli. Then Sunday I was already heading back to USC. Going to SLO is such a great time because 1.) I am able to see some of my best friends and 2.) it is always nice to get out of the city and going to a place filled with such wildlife like SLO. Attached are some of my pictures from the trip including the sheep farm they have on campus along with my friend Jacob.

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While I wish my friends and I can all attend the same college sometimes, I am always grateful for the times I get to spend with them along with the adventures we go on! So for all the prospective students reading this right now, make sure to cherish your time with your friends, but never fret that this will be the last times together!
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