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Chemical Engineering
Class of ’19

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Hey! My name is Shuntaro, and I am a junior from Irvine, California majoring in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Nanotechnology. I am also a Transfer student from UC Santa Barbara and loving my time at USC! At USC, I am involved with Troy Camp, Society 53, and Sigma Nu. Freshman summer, I interned at Gilead Sciences as a process engineer and last summer I studied abroad with the Viterbi Overseas Program in Rome . My favorite things to do in LA are to take pictures, watch my favorite bands perform, and supporting the Trojans! Keep scrolling to see what my #ViterbiLife is all about!

My Favorite Places in LA


Troy Camp is a student organization based on mentoring, tutoring, and adventuring for kids in the local South Los Angeles Area. I am currently in the Leaders in Training Program which spends time with middle schoolers !
Society 53 is a student organization that host events to create stronger alumni-student relations. Our events include our Networking Nights, Alumni Life Chat, and SCuppers. Come check one of the events out!
I am involved with Sigma Nu, a social fraternity on campus. I hosted an event where we volunteered at the Westside German Shepherd Rescue and I hope to continue to provide experiences for the fraternity to volunteer and do more!

My Major at USC: Chemical Engineering

My Favorite Classes
Thermo! A Chemical Engineers Best Friend! One of the most challenging classes I have taken and it truly makes you work for the class. It provides a sneak peak into the real world of a chemical engineer.
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Fun Facts

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My Tips for You

Who "You" Are

Start thinking about your passions beginning your Junior Year. Then pursue it! It is easy
doing what is expected of you, but showing personal drive to colleges is something that’s unique to YOU.


Take a deep breath! Everything works out in the end. Take your time to really think about the questions and yourself! You are going to do amazing things!

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Two Truths and a Lie

Can you guess which of these are true or false?

My Favorite Shows

  • I watched the whole first four seasons in about two weeks. Episode after episode,
    twist after twist, I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this show is. This year I am
    planning on attending an event to watch and discuss an episode of the series with the
    director through the School of Cinematic Arts. Very excited for the new season!

  • Such a beautifully shot movie with an interesting plot! I watched it for the first time on the plane and I was silently crying in my seat. I would definitely recommend if you want to
    watch a movie to hit you right in the feels while making you appreciate so much in your life!