I remember moving into USC like it was yesterday…. even though it was 3 years ago (yikes). I was so excited to be at college, because like it’s college, and trying really hard to not also show how extremely terrified I was. Actual move in day was ridiculous because 1. meeting my new roommate 2. trying to actually move in all my stuff and New/North is NOT air conditioned = sweaty mess 3. wanting to seem cool meeting new people but also 4. not wanting my parents to leave. So yeah, it’s a day full of mixed emotions. And luckily the fun doesn’t stop there! The whole week after move in day is full of fun activities! Here is my advice for all of them:

  1. New Student Convocation: a weirdly formal reverse-graduation where you wear a black robe and Nikias welcomes you to the school. It was awkward, but also kind of thrilling, and definitely not to be missed.

    awkward snapchats @ convocation 🙂

  2. Viterbi Luau: another pretty awkward event (let’s be real, everything those first few weeks of school is awkward) but still fun, it’s a great introduction to the Viterbi community. My year they split us up by major (wooo undeclared) which is the perfect time to start making friends who you’ll probably see in your classes. Also there were some great luau-themed games (with prizes for the winners) and Viterbi-swag given out.
  3. Thematic Option: For anyone in TO out there, you actually get your first class meeting before anyone else! My class was also assigned homework in that first meeting, which is a very appropriate welcome to TO, work before school even starts. We also got to go to the Getty museum though, which is such a cool place and was nice to get off of campus.

    Actual photo I took at the Getty during said trip

  4. Sorority/Fraternity Recruitment: If you’re interested in joining a Greek organization, this is when the craziness begins. Panhellenic sororities and IFC fraternities have a week full of events to let you get to know them, vice versa, that begins during welcome week and continues into the first week of school. It’s crazy and overwhelming, but if you’re interested in joining it’s super rewarding!
  5. Comedy Show: When I was a freshman Nasim Pedrad (of SNL fame) was the comedian and she did such a good show, right on McCarthy quad! Always always take advantage of when USC brings cool people to campus that you get to see for free. That’s not just for welcome week, that’s life advice.

There’s so many more events that go on during Welcome Week and you should definitely take advantage of all of them! It is the best time to just start meeting as many people as possible, and to start finding your place at USC. I’ll leave you with a photo of me (and my sister, please I didn’t have friends yet) in my newly moved into freshman dorm. Enjoy!

honestly the biggest room I’ve had in college

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