Shayna Goes Abroad Part 5: Sista Sista

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The last week of March, my older sister came to visit! She spent four days in Hong Kong, and I got to be part tour guide, showing her around my stomping grounds, and part tourist, hitting up some of the main sites I hadn’t been to yet (including the cultural center of Disneyland Hong Kong). It was great to feel like I had actually learned my way around the city, and had some insider tips to share (like you’re expected to rinse your own dishes at the beginning of a dim sum meal), nut also really reminded me how much I haven’t seen around Hong Kong yet, and how much I have to do in my remaining two months here! Yep, I am over the halfway point and freaking out a little bit. Partly because I never want to leave, and partly because the end of this semester means I am a senior and I am just not emotionally ready to deal with that yet.

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Then, literally three hours after my last midterm we boarded a plane to Tokyo. Our four days there were filled with sushi, ramen, getting lost, more sushi, and cherry blossoms. We were there for some of the first blooms, and people were going insaaaaane. Like huge crowd of selfie-takers surrounding one tree with one branch of flowers. Obviously, we joined in. It was both of our first times in Japan, and we both 10/10 recommend a visit.

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As fun as it is traveling with my sister, it was mostly just great to have a slice home here in Asia with me! As always you can keep up with life as an engineering exchange student in Hong Kong on my Instagram @ssgold

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