The past few weekends have been a blur: I went to Philippines for some ~fun in the sun~; was backstage at Hong Kong’s premier (read: only) music festival, Dragonland, where all my middle school favs were gathered (Mike Posner, Carly Rae Jepson, Iggy Azalea, and the Black Eyed Peas); and celebrated my 21st birthday! All in all, not a bad few weeks, and time has been flying.

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It’s so weird to say, but I’ve been in Hong Kong for a month and a half, and am starting to feel (kind of) settled. I know my dim sum order down pat, I’m a pro at the metro (at least between my stop, Hang Hau, and the main downtown area, Central), I don’t get lost on my way to class anymore (well that lost), and have finally figured out how to print on campus. Score.

Unfortunately, that also means we’re at the point in the semester where school is getting real, and midterms are around the corner. Or around the weekend, actually. I’m not sure what to expect from midterms at HKUST, but they are worth a much larger chunk of my grade than at USC which doesn’t feel great.

So this weekend you can find me in the lib, putting the study in study abroad. Wish me luck.

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