When I was looking at colleges, one of the few things I knew I wanted to during my four years was study abroad, and a huge thing that drew me to USC was the commitment to getting anyone, even engineers, who wanted to study abroad, abroad. And I am so excited to say that in just a few days, I will be flying off to Hong Kong to do just that!

Viterbi offers a lot of overseas study options (which you can learn all about here), but I knew I wanted to spend an entire semester somewhere new, and after learning about the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which USC has an exchange program with, I decided that was where I wanted to go. I submitted a short application to Viterbi, and asked one of my professors for a recommendation in the beginning of the fall semester, and by the end of September I found out I was going!



can’t wait to see the ridiculous campus!

I met with my academic advisor quite a bit throughout last semester to make sure I could take the classes at HKUST that I needed to stay on track with my USC course plan, and worked closely with the head of the EE department to make sure those classes would be accepted for USC credit. I’m planning on taking three classes abroad that will apply to my major, and I will definitely still graduate in four years!

HKUST made it really easy to get my student visa and housing — I’ll be living in a dorm in a double, just like a freshman year again, fingers crossed I get a good roommate — and I have a full week of orientation when I get there before classes start. All that I need to do now is figure out how to pack everything I want to bring!

Next blog will be from Hong Kong, stay tuned!

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