So it’s the once-a-year Thursday night football game, and you can’t enjoy it because you need to finish your homework. Though this perhaps could have been avoided with some better time management skills, here we are. These are some ways to help yourself deal with arguably the best gameday experience of the year (all of the gameday fun minus the heat, an incredible combination) while you sadly sit at home doing homework:



Dreaming of previous nights spent in the Coliseum

  1. Don your best USC sweatshirt and sweatpants (I recommend this and this for maximum groutfit appeal) to feel spirited, yet comfortable
  2. Pull out your computer, notes, textbook, and whatever else you will need to get you through these problems
  3. Put in your headphones, and pump yourself up with the fight song, remixed 
  4. Start the first problem, and question why you left this to do until the night before it was due
  5. Really why
  6. You had time earlier in the week
  7. Proceed to scroll through everyone’s snapchat stories, and just embrace the FOMO 
  8. Give yourself a homework break when you see there was a touchdown
  9. Proudly do the SoCal Spellout, by yourself
  10. Feel kind of weird about doing that
  11. Move onto problem two, go back to step 4, and repeat
  12. Promise yourself next year will be different

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