I’ve done a lot of things in my time at USC, which unfortunately includes: moving. And a lot of it. Each year I’ve lived in a different place, and here’s my little summary of each one.

Freshman Year: Dorm

After getting into USC the first thing I did was put in my housing application for New/North aka the coolest freshman dorm. It’s as quintessential of a college dorm as it can be: no A/C, communal bathrooms, mixed-gender floors, dining hall on the first floor, RA a few doors down. I wasn’t really into the find-a-roommate-on-facebook thing, so I left my roommate assignment up to fate and the USC Housing office. Thankfully whatever the matching algorithm is, it worked, and my roommate ended being (and still is) one of my best friends (hi Saara). In fact, I met a lot of my closest friends just from living near them in New/North. I also lucked into a room with a sink, which was a random but very nice extra feature. What I really loved about living in a dorm, though, was having everybody just down the hall, always ready for a good time. Also being able to roll out of bed and be in my classroom in less than five minutes. Really made 8 AM class a little more bearable.

Sophomore Year: Apartment

For sophomore year, a group of 7 of my friends decided to lease an apartment in West 27th Place, an apartment building just a few blocks away from campus. If you think 7 people in an apartment is a lot, you’re not wrong. But it was definitely never boring! From movie nights, to cooking family dinners, to having late-night dance parties there was always something going on in our four-bedroom apartment. And trading the 5-minute morning commute to a 15-minute one was definitely worth not having communal bathrooms anymore. I also have never felt more adult than I did when I was paying my own electric bill, which was very exciting until I realized I was just paying an electric bill.


Junior Year: Sorority

Remember when you thought 7 people in one apartment was a lot? Well now I live in my sorority house with 60 other girls. Let that sink in. Despite having 59 other housemates, living in the house has been really great. I have t

hree meals a day prepared for me, I never have to worry about buying toilet paper, and the dining room serves as the best place to work on a group project for class! It’s almost like being back in the dorm, but way nicer.

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Who knows where I’ll be next year!

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