A truly defining feature of a Trojan is how they choose to get around campus. With our flat, expansive campus there is really no wrong way to do it, and the plethora of vehicles students use is pretty astounding. Bikes, my personal transportation of choice, are probably the most popular. The bike racks overflow with beach cruisers, and finding a place to lock up for class can almost be as competitive as parking downtown. However, the speed and control they offer cannot be beat. Not to mention the convenience of a basket. Things I have made fit in my basket include (but are not limited to): a pizza box, a poster board, my roommate, a cigar-box electric guitar, and a stack of T-shirts. Things I have not made fit in my basket: nothing.

But, if a bike seems like too big of a commitment for you, skateboards are definitely the most portable. Walk into any classroom on campus and you will see one section of empty wall lined with skateboards. I once tried to learn how to skateboard, and it did not go well. So if you have mastered that art, hats off to you. However, there is often a rogue skateboard rolling down Trousdale that has lost its skateboarder, so if that’s you, I’m putting my hat back on.

This year hoverboards really became the hot item to have. Benefits include: not doing any physical labor, keeping your hands free, looking cool. Disadvantages include: they spontaneously catch on fire (see: http://www.cnet.com/news/why-are-hoverboards-exploding-and-catching-fire/). So hover at your own risk.

A few groundbreaking individuals have employed the Razor scooter to get to class. With their easy to pack up design, you get the same portability as the skateboard, but the handle bars offer more control (no rogue scooters have been spotted, yet). And let’s be honest, they’re just plain fun.

Last, but not least, are our friends the pedestrians. With ten minutes between classes you definitely can navigate campus on foot, and many people do. But let me warn you: get out of your wheeled classmates’ way, because you may (will) get hit, and it may (will) be very embarrassing.*

However you choose to get around campus just remember: look both ways before crossing an intersection, and if someone’s giving out free donuts on campus stop and get one, but not too suddenly.

*this has happened to me

you can catch me cruising on this beauty

you can catch me cruising on this beauty


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