LA is warm, sunny, and absolutely perfect for the ice-cream lover. With ice-cream shops sprawling all over the city, you’ll have no problem satisfying that sweet tooth.

Everyone’s Favorite: Milk

Milk's Macaroon Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Milk’s Macaroon Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Milk is consistently suggested as one of the best ice-cream shops in LA. Milk boasts a wide array of full-sized macaroon ice-cream sandwiches and ice-cream bars, in addition to the standard ice-cream flavors and pastries. It’s not hard to taste why it’s so beloved by LA locals and visitors alike. Personally it can be a tad heavy handed and too sweet at times, which bring me to…

My Favorite: Scoops


Me about to get ice-cream from my fav shop Scoops

Nestled in China town, Scoops is hands-down my favorite Ice-cream shop in LA. Not too far from campus, you can catch me here at least twice a month. The ice-cream is freshly handmade in small batches, and comes in various exotic flavors. The texture is light and the portion just right!  Some flavors include Bianco Bread, Ricotta and Oreo, Burnt Sugar, Almond Rosemary Honey, and Basil Coconut. The selective and ever-changing menu forces me to try something new each time, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. And when I’m not at Scoops I’m at…

My Second Favorite: Peddler’s Creamery

Also not far from campus in downtown is Peddler’s Creamery. Can you guess how they make their ice-cream? By peddling! As in on a bike, yes they peddle on a bike to churn the ice-cream. And you can too! Stop on in to take a spin and eat a scoop. Just like Scoops, Peddler’s has a wide range of unconventional flavors, albeit more consistent. Peddler’s also offers a large selection of vegan and non-diary ice-cream for everyone to enjoy.

This could be you churning your own ice-cream

This could be you churning your own ice-cream

But if you don’t want to make that trek, you can always fix those craving by hitting up Cream or Yogurt Escape right on Fig!

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