Engineering week, or E-week for short, is one week out of the year where Viterbi students come together to celebrate everything Viterbi and engineering. The week is put on by KIUEL (Klein Institute for Undergraduate Engineering Life) in coordination with various Viterbi orgs. E-week start out off with the kick-off carnival (aka FREE FOOD), and has events throughout the week including a talent show at Groundzero ( aka FREE MILKSHAKES), bubble soccer, and discover engineering service day. The week culminates in Viterbi Ball on that Friday night of E-week.

I’ll start by saying that I had very low expectations for Viterbi Ball, not because I don’t have faith in KIUEL to put on a spectacular event, but I’ve never been a fan of school dances. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dancing but something about sanctioned school dances felt so bleh. I even scheduled a college visit in St. Louis to get out of my high school prom, and as soon as I got off the plane my mother had a dress waiting for me. So much for being 2 kewl for skool.

At any rate I was so pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had at Viterbi Ball! Maybe it’s because I actually have friends in Viterbi who I love hanging out with (ya girl strayed away freshman year), or maybe it was the pleasant surprise of hot wings at the venue, but I had a great time. Everyone met up on campus dressed in their best, and chartered buses took all the students to a secret location. The combination of good food, friends, and music made this a night for the books!

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And did you know that our very own Betty won Viterbi Queen!?!?! #slayyyy

Viterbi King and Queen (they’re both coaches 🙂 )

Oh also she basically planned this event and is an amazing star!

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