Hiking in LA is usually reduced to the Hollywood sign. While you must go at least once during your time at SC, those who know LA know that the Hollywood hike is hashtag basic. Recently, I ventured out of the cozy USC campus and headed to the beaches of Palos Verdes. My friend who is a Viterbi grad student at USC suggested we do Shipwreck’s hike, and I rarely say no to an opportunity to go exploring in LA, especially when treasure may be involved.

That was corny. Anyways, story goes “In 1961, due to both fog and problems with the navigation of the ship, a Greek freight ship ran aground on the coast of California right near the city of Rancho Palos Verdes. For days the coast guard and others tried to get the boat back into the water, but the weather that had grounded it there also kept it from being freed. Mother Nature then ran its course and continued to beat upon the ship turning it into the remains that it is today.”

The views along the coast were absolutely breathtaking. Picture perfect to say the least.

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The hike itself can be difficult as the entire hike is along a rocky shoreline full of pebbles, shells, and jagged rocks. One of the people we were with brought their dog to join along for the hike. She was soo adorable, but the shoreline caused her paws to scratch up and bleed so we had to cut the hike short. Luckily, this happened right as we happened upon the shipwreck. Even so, 10/10 recommend just for the views. Check out some of the photos from the hike below.

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History of shipwreck cited here.

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