Without a doubt, USC is known for some stellar athletic programs. Shoutout to the football team for the Rosebowl win! Getting together with friends and going to a basketball, volleyball, baseball, [insert sport of choice] is always a fun time. But, LA is a big city and this big city has a lot of professional sports team. Including the new LA Rams, which actually plays at the Colosseum right by campus. This is great cause you can go see the Rams play, but also it causes massive amounts of traffic around campus so be prepared to do some walking to get around.

Another arena not too far from campus is the Staples Center in the heart of DTLA. A short (and cheap) train or uber ride can get you from campus and back to check out the Lakers, Clippers, or the Kings play. The Staples Center also has some amazing musical acts that come through.

Recently my dad and I got to see the LA Kings play at the Staples Center. I love hockey, and USC unfortunately doesn’t have a varsity team. Although there is club women’s ice hockey for my ladies who love the ice. As a kid living in Virginia my dad would take me to go see the minor league team, the Admirals, play. It was so thrilling to watch, and I even caught a puck once.

Hockey is interesting in that its much more aggressive than you would expect, and hardly are people reprimanded on the ice for being so aggressive.

When I went, it was the 50th anniversary of the LA Kings so everyone was super hype. The Kings played the Minnesota Wild, and it was pretty much everything you could ask for when seeign a sporting event, with the Kings winning 4-3 in overtime!

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Fast paced and fun, I’d definitely recommend taking a trip to DTLA and catching a Kings hockey game.

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