Now that summer’s over and school has begun *crying emoji* , I thought I’d share the top five things I’m looking forward to this upcoming school year.

1.New Crib

My first two years of college, I lived in both on and off campus university housing (Marks Hall and Century Apartments). The thing I love about USC housing is that it’s so convenient.  I never had to factor in commute time to get to class, I could have late night study sessions at the library whenever, and meeting up for org meetings was a breeze. Also fitting in naps between classes was significantly easier. Not to mention, RA’s put on truly great events and always have free food to give. Living on campus is an especially unique experience, because you feel so connected to the student body, truly apart of the SC culture.

This year I’m living in a house with my friends. It’s nice because I’m able to have my own room and space, and while it’s a little further away from campus, it doesn’t take too long for me to bike to campus. And because I have my own space, I definitely feel more comfortable as I was able to bring my own furniture, fully decorate the way I wanted, and now I have enough space for all my shoes! I even brought my elliptical, which is something I wasn’t able to do in housing. I will say it’s been a difficult transition learning how to cook for myself though. I truly appreciate the dining halls more than ever before.

2. Game Days

I don’t even like football, but mannn am I excited for USC GAME DAYYYYYYSSSS (can you tell I’m excited?!?!). No matter how busy classes may get, game day is that time when you can come together with great friends, and let go of the stress of the past week. Also, it’s just about the only time I can be covered in SC swag from head to toe and fit right in. With the campus swimming in a sea of cardinal and gold, and school spirit out of this world, there is no other time I am more proud to be a Trojan.

Last year I hosted a tailgate with NSBE and it was SO MUCH FUN. My dad even came up for game day, and he and I cooked on the grilled for everybody. Did I mention it was a lot of fun? Yea it was.


Chef Shana and Chef Dad

Chef Shana and Chef Dad, Look at all those Chickens


3. Speaking of NSBE…

NSBE! I am so excited to serve as Vice President for USC chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. Besides the totally awesome professional, academic, and social events we put on, this year we’ll be establishing a NSBE Jr. Chapter! Our hope is that NSBE Jr. will emphasize the importance of community outreach, but more importantly it will allow us the get kids and teens interested in STEM. We are currently in the process of developing an entire curriculum for the Jr. Chapter that will make engineering fun, and encourage youth to continue to do well in math and science.



4. Freshman Academy Coaches

While being a Freshman Academy Coach is technically one of my jobs on campus, it’s probably the most enjoyable job anyone could have. I love meeting new people, and serving as a resource to new students is very rewarding. I’ve actually made some pretty great friends, both with my students, and co-coaches. This year I’ll be a lead co-coach in charge of building a close coach community. Basically, I get to plan a bunch of social events for coaches so that we can get to know each better (I’m in the process of planning a salsa dance night!). Being an engineer, it’s super easy to get stuck being friends with the same people in your major or orgs. Being an Academy Coach and planning events that cultivate coach relationships, allows me to make friends with students all across Viterbi.

Luau's Are the Perfect Time for Fire Coach Pics

Luau’s Are the Perfect Time for Fire Coach Pics

5. Concerts

Not directly related to USC, but one of my favorite hobbies is checking out concerts in the area. For a concert lover like me, going to USC and living in LA  makes it soo easy to see any musical act I want. I’m already scheduled to see Prophets of Rage (Rage Against the Machine & Cypress Hill & Public Enemy Supergroup), Childish Gambino, and attend Camp Flog Gnaw (this music festival is held at Expo Park right across campus, and has a FANTASTIC lineup) just this fall!

I honestly can’t believe that I’m a junior. Man does time fly.


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