Right before high school I moved from Virginia to California and mannnnnn was it a culture shock. Not only was I discovering authentic tacos and soaking up the San Diego sun, but I also was beginning to discover myself and my identity. In Virginia things are very much black and white. Having a black mother meant I was black and there was never any discussion of the contrary. By the time I got to San Diego I was everything but black. Considering my high school had very few black students(I’d venture to say 3 1/2 students total), my closest friends were Hispanic and others assumed I was as well.

Once college rolled around I knew I wanted to get involved in the black community at USC, separate from Viterbi and NSBE (Check out Frankie’s new post on just how awesome NSBE is!). So from time to time I’ll share my experiences about BlackSC, and the dope events that Black students and Black Student Assembly host!

One of those events is called GearFest, an annual festival celebrating black music, art, and fashion. The full day of festivities brings out people from all over LA.

Headliners for the event have included Casey Veggies, Isaiah Rashad (from Top Dawg Entertainment ((Kendrick’s Label))), and this year BJ the Chicago Kid.

Super talented and local fashion designer’s and artists come out to showcase their work during the day.

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Check out GearFest’s website to find out more.

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