Hey guys! Parents’ Weekend is this weekend, so I figured I’d take some time to explain to all of you why Parents’ Weekend is one of my favorite events here at USC! I’m an only child, so I’ve always been incredibly close with my parents and because of that, it was pretty tough to go to college so far away from home (I’m from Dallas, Texas).  Parents’ Weekend is the one time I get to see my parents out here at USC each year besides move in, and I love showing them around campus and giving them a little glimpse into my life out here!

I love introducing my parents to all my friends on parents weekend, and meeting of my friend’s parents too! Everyone’s heard so much about each other and it’s fantastic to finally be able to put a name to a face!

I also love the Tri Delta Game Day tailgate Tri Delta puts on for all the parents on our front lawn! I got to introduce my parents to my big in my sorority, my new little in my sorority, and show them around our house!

Another fantastic part about Parents’ Weekend is that this is the weekend where all the sororities do Presents, which is when we present the newly initiated pledge class. The newest pledge class wears floor length white dresses and all the other active members wear black dresses.

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USC is always changing, and I always take some time during this weekend to show them what’s changed since their last visit. My parents loved seeing the beautiful new E-Quad in Viterbi, and they even got to see the lab I’m doing research in!

Parent’s Weekend provides the opportunity for my parents to see first hand everything they hear about when I call home, from meeting my friends, to experiencing Trojan tailgates, to seeing where I do research! I love showing my parents around USC and being able to spend the weekend with them!

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