Why Going Home for Spring Break is a Great Idea

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Hi everyone!

I just got home for Spring Break last night, and I’m so excited to be blogging from Dallas, Texas for the first time in a while. I’m so happy to be back in Dallas for the week, especially since I haven’t been home in a long time considering the fact that I spent the majority of my Christmas break in Antarctica. I’m also glad to be able to spend time in Dallas since I’ll be studying abroad in Rome through the Viterbi Overseas Program for the majority of my summer.

I don’t have too much exciting planned for Spring Break. My main goal was to just catch up on sleep, relax, and hang out with my parents. I’m fortunate that I don’t have any major assignments or tests coming up the week after break, so it was great to be able to leave the backpack and books back in California for a while.

It's great to be back in Dallas!

It’s great to be back in Dallas!


My absolute favorite part about Spring Break is being able to see my parents. I haven’t gotten to see them since I flew home to surprise my mom for her birthday, and it’s always great spending time with them and my dog. I’m sure this week we will go golfing, go to a movie, and head down to our lake house as a few activities. This afternoon, my mom and I headed to the mall to do a little shopping. We went to this awesome coffee shop and store called Nespresso, and I had the most delicious vanilla caramel latte ever. There are only 15 of these stores open in North America currently, but if there’s one in your hometown or you happen to visit a city that has one, I definitely suggest checking it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Vanilla Caramel Latte

Vanilla Caramel Latte

Another one of my favorite parts about going home is being able to eat at all of my favorite restaurants. California thinks they have good Mexican food, but nothing will ever compare to Tex-Mex in my mind. I’m so excited to go get fajitas and queso for dinner tonight!

I’m so excited it’s break! I hope all of you have a great Spring Break as well!


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