Brace yourself…midterms are coming.

I still find it hard to believe that midterm season is already upon us. It seems like the first week of school was maybe two weeks ago at most, and I was shocked to hear my analytical chemistry professor announce that our first midterm was going to be this Friday. Time to break out those old study habits again. Although I get wrapped up in studying for hours on end sometimes way too easily, I’m always taking different types of study breaks to give my mind a break and get up and move some.  With that being said, I figured I’d give you a list of what I believe are the top 10 best study breaks for USC students.

Number 10:  Go to the Beach

Going to the beach is one of my favorite study breaks when I feel like taking a longer break, typically during finals week. It’s nice to give yourself a whole afternoon or even a few hours off to go relax by the water either by yourself or with friends.

I love spending the afternoon at Santa Monica Beach

I love spending the afternoon at Santa Monica Beach

Number 9: Dance Around Your  Room

Blast 90s music. Dance like a fool. No one’s watching, so take this time to let loose. My personal favorite songs to dance to include Call Me Maybe,  Every Time We Touch, and Tik Tok (or any other song that is high energy and prompts me to sing along!)


Number 8: Cook Dinner or Bake

I’ll confess, I’m a terrible cook. I do, however, love to bake. One of my all time favorite things to bake are Devil’s Food Cake M&M cookies. They are super easy and take about half an hour!

Number 7: Watch an Episode of TV

Nothing’s better sometimes than watching mindless television.


Number 6: Go to 21 Choices

I love frozen yogurt, and walking to 21 choices is one of my favorite study breaks. I suggest getting the Oreo cookie magic with nutella!

Number 5: Go to the Gym

Go for a run, lift some weights… just get your body moving

Number 4: Go Out to Dinner

If I’ve been studying for a couple days without taking much of a break at all, I’ll go downtown for dinner some night with friends. My favorite places to go are El Cholo, Octopus, or Urth Café!

Number 3: Call Up an Old Friend to Chat

Remember that friend you haven’t talked to since the summer? Take 15-20 minutes to call them and catch up. It will take your mind off studying and help you stay connected with your friends back home

Number 2: Go for a Walk Around Campus

I love taking walks. To me, they are the perfect way to step away from all the work and clear my mind. I find it ironic though that I always seem to end up in Viterbi when I go walk around campus.


Number 1: Grab Lunch or Coffee with a Friend

The campus center is an ideal location for a study break. It’s central to campus. It has lots of delicious food. It’s perfect for people watching. What more could you ask for in a distraction?




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