Hey guys!

It’s hard to believe that as I’m writing this I’m setting out in the Engineering Quad right next to the fountain in a dress. It’s 82 outside today, and the weather is absolutely amazing! It’s certainly doesn’t feel like a typically February day.

I fully plan on taking advantage of this weather during our three day weekend this weekend! Here’s a sneak peak of my plans:

I want to go to Malibu

I’ve been at USC for 3 years now, and I’ve still never been to Malibu (minus that one time I got on the wrong bus heading home from a day at Santa Monica around 9 pm… oops). Anyways, I really want to go and explore the area and spend a day at the beach down there, and try a new restaurant. Dependent on how much of my work I’m able to get done during the week, I’ll probably bring some work with me to the beach. If I’m going to be studying, it may as well be outside.



 Go to the movies with my sorority!

My sorority has a sisterhood event this weekend to go to the movies together. We’re going to rent out a theater in LA Live! We’re voting on which movie we’re going to watch tonight. I love doing events like this with my sorority because everyone typically goes out to dinner together before. We had a sisterhood event similar to this one for the hunger games midnight premier in November, and it was great being able to watch it with 100 other girls in Tri Delta.

 Eat at Public School

Public School is this incredible Gastropub downtown that’s themed like a school! The walls are all chalk boards, the menus look like composition notebooks, and the food is all served on paint pallets! I went with some friends a few weekends ago, and I’ve been dying to go back! Last time I went we got a meat and cheese plate and chorizo mac and cheese!




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