Hey guys!

Being from Dallas, Texas, I always love taking the time to go out and explore Los Angeles, and one of my favorite ways to explore LA is by trying out all the different restaurants throughout the city! With that being said, I figured I’d take some time this week to tell y’all about some of my favorite places to eat around USC and LA.

Jacks N Joe:

Jacks N Joe is arguably the best breakfast place around USC. They’re known for having amazing pancakes! My favorite thing to eat there are their chocolate chip pancakes and a cup of hot chocolate.


I absolutely love sushi! One of the best sushi places in LA is Octopus off of 7th street and Figueroa. My little in my sorority and I make it a point to go there at least once a month! My favorite thing to eat there is the tiger roll. It’s topped with salmon and BBQ eel.

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Bacaro LA:

Any night of the week, Bacaro LA will be packed with both locals and USC students alike! Known for its fantastic tapas, Bacaro has tons of amazing items such as a bacon and brie pizza, bacon mac and cheese, banana nutella paninis, and tons of different bruschetta.

Pizza Studio:

The Pizza Studio is my favorite place to grab a quick meal right by campus. It’s an awesome restaurant where you get to completely customize your personal pizza with unlimited toppings! It’s sort of like Subway Sandwiches, but for pizza!

I hope next time you’re out in LA you take some time to try one of these restaurants!







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