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Most people think I’m crazy when I tell them that my night class is my favorite class I’m taking this semester. They always want to know how I could possibly enjoy any class enough to willingly go to class from 7:30-9:00 pm each Tuesday and Thursday. For me though, it’s pretty simple. I’m absolutely in love with my night class because it’s DANC 188A: International Style Ballroom Dance.


I decided to take a break from all the engineering classes this semester and take 2 units to do something entirely outside of my comfort zone—take a ballroom dancing class. Now, I’ve danced for a while, but I’ve never done any style remotely near ballroom dancing, and my knowledge of the style only stemmed from Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance episodes.

Our instructor for the class was a cast member of Dirty Dancing, which is awesome, and he is a fantastic instructor! Every time we are done learning a dance, we get to have a dress up day during which we dress to the style of the dance. For example, when we had our dress up day for the waltz last week, all the guys wore suits and the girls wore floor length dresses and heels.  One of my good friends, Alex Coco, is taking the class with me, which makes it even more fun!

The class moves fairly quickly in the sense that we are learning a new style of dance every 3rd class or so, but I love it because it means we get to learn that many more dances before the semester is over. So far we have learned a foxtrot and the waltz, both of which I’ve loved, although I enjoyed the foxtrot more since it was more fast paced.

I’ve even convinced a few more of my engineering friends to sign up with me, and we are all thinking about testing out our ballroom dancing skills in 188B next semester!



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