Hi everyone!

It seems like everyone here at USC is currently working on figuring out where they are all going to live next year. Luckily for me, my roommate and I decided a while ago that we were going to live in the same apartment we’re in currently next year. It certainly makes things easy at the end of the year, since I get to leave all my stuff here! With all this talk about housing swirling around campus, I figured I would tell you all about my experience with housing my freshman year.

My freshman year was definitely the complete dorm experience. I lived in New/North with one other roommate. I loved New/North because it was the traditional dorm style freshman housing. It also helped that New/North has some of the largest rooms on campus! I debated a lot between living in one of the apartment style freshman living options or the traditional dorms, and I eventually decided that since I would most likely be living in an apartment for the rest of my time at USC, I should experience the dorms for at least one year.

I lived on the cinema floor in New/North, which was awesome because I was surrounded by so many creative people constantly working on a variety of projects. There was always some new video being filmed down our halls! I also liked the fact that New/North was a very social dorm in the sense that there was always someone willing to go out and get ice cream or go to the movies for a study break right down the hall.

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I also loved the location of New/North. New/North is right on McCarthy Quad and is extremely close to most of the buildings that a lot of freshmen classes are in. It is also right next to Birnkrant, which has a Starbucks in the first floor that I visited frequently. On any given sunny day, you could wander outside to the quad with your homework and go work there, along with a bunch of other freshmen who were also enjoying the beautiful California weather.

All in all, I cannot imagine having lived anywhere besides New/North. With its prime location and traditional style dorm rooms, I could not have asked for a better freshman housing experience!



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