Coming from Dallas, Texas where we have neither beach nor mountains, but rather a lot of flat land and a few cows, I was thrilled to move out to a city as famous and exciting as Los Angeles! I was a little wary about being able to get out and explore Los Angeles without a car. Luckily for me, the Metro system can get you most places you need to go, and if it can’t, a zip car rented from USC can.  Between the numerous flow chart drawings and calculus problems, I’ve found myself able to get out and explore some part of LA at least once or twice a month.  It’s always refreshing to get off campus for a study break and go explore somewhere new. Here are a few of my favorite adventures from this year so far:

While many USC students were up in San Francisco supporting the Trojans as we played Stanford in football, a few of us decided to go head down to Santa Monica to go to the beach and watch the game down by the pier somewhere.

During the last week of classes last semester, my boyfriend, Patrick, and I headed one metro stop over to LA live where they had an outdoor ice skating rink! I love to ice skate, and it amused me to be ice skating outside when it was probably 65 degrees!

The day after my birthday, a few of my friends and I headed to the happiest place on earth—Disney Land—to get one last dose of happiness before finals week started! We rode all the rides and took pictures with as many characters as we could find. We acted more like 5 year olds than engineering students, and it was so much fun to run around like kids again for a day.

My final adventure to tell you all about occurred this past weekend, when a few of us decided to head about 2 hours east of Los Angeles to the wonderful town of Indio, California for Stagecoach country music festival. My inner Texan was very impressed that California had a country music festival!

All in all, I absolutely love living in Los Angeles. There is always something exciting going on in some part of the city. In fact, there was even a grilled cheese festival downtown last weekend. I still think my favorite part about LA is the weather. It’s currently a lovely 88 ˚F here. Back in Texas it was 80˚F yesterday, and today its 50˚F.

Basically LA weather is always perfect, so I’m thrilled to have left behind weather that works like this:




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